Polytechnic Colleges in Uttar Pradesh

A.D.R.S Institute of Technology & Management

A.N.A College of Engineering and Management Studies

A.P.S College of Education & Technology

A.S.M Polytechnic

ABSS Institute of Technology

Academy of Technology Management and Science

Accurate Institute Of Polytechnic

ACE College of Engineering and Management

Achary Baldev Polytechnic College

ACN College of Polytechnic

Adhunik College of Engineering

Aeronautical Training Institute

Allahabad College of Engineering and Management

Amani Group of Institutions

Amardeep Polytechnic College

Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology

Ambalika Institute Of Professional Studies

Ambition Institute of Technology

Anjana Institute of Technical Education

Apex Institute of Technology

Apollo Institute of Technology

Apoorva Institute of Technology

Aryan Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad

Aryavart Institute of Technology & Management

Aryika Gyanmati Government Girls Polytechnic, Faizabad

Asian Institute Of Rural Technology

Axis Institute of Diploma Engineering

Axis Institute of Technology and Management

Azad Engineering College

Azad Lucknow Polytechnic

Azad Polytechnic, Bharthipur

B.N College of Engineering & Technology

B.S.M College of Technology and Management

Baba Bindeshwari Singh Institute of Technology and Management

Baba Ramdal Surajdev Polytechnic College

Baba Saheb Ambedkar Polytechnic

Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Government Polytechnic, Auraiya

Baba Vishwanath Institute of Technology

Babu Banarsi Das Institute of Engineering Technology & Research Centre

Babu Sant Bux Shivmurti Singh Engineering and Medico Institute

Babu Sunder Singh Institute of Technology & Management

Baijnath Ramnaresh College Of Technology

Bakhshi Polytechnic

Banaras Institute of Polytechnic & Engineering

Bansal Institute of Engineering & Technology

Beacon Institute of Technology

Bhaavya Technical Institute

Bhagwant Institute of Technology, Muzaffarnagar

Bhagwati Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad

Bhashkar Polytechnic College

Bhonwal School of Engineering

BK Polytechnic

Bon Maharaj Engineering College

BR Gautam Polytechnic Institute

BSA College of Engineering & Technology

Buddha Institute of Technology

C.M.S Government Girls Polytechnic

CBS College of Polytechnic

Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology, Lucknow

Ch. Charan Singh College of Engineering

Chandauli Polytechnic, Chandauli

Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Government Polytechnic, Ambedkarnagar

Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Government Polytechnic, Balrampur

College of Engineering & Rural Technology, Meerut

College of Engineering Science & Technology, Lucknow

D.E.I Technical College

D.N Polytechnic, Meerut

D.N.S College of Engineering & Technology

Delhi Institute of Engineering & Technology

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions

Dev Bhoomi Institute of Polytechnic

Dev Institute of Technical Education

Dev Rishi Institute of Polytechnic & Technology

Dev Technical Campus

Devender Singh Institute of Technology and Management

Devo Mahesh College of Engineering & Technology

Digamber Jain Polytechnic, Baraut

DNM Institute of Engineering & Technology

Doon College Technical Campus

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped, Kanpur

Dr. B.R Ambedkar Polytechnic

Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar Polytechnic College

Dr. Dashrath Chaudhary National Polytechnic

Dr. K.N Modi Engineering College

Dr. M.C Saxean Institute Of Engineering & Management

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Polytechnic

Dr. Rizvi College of Engineering

Dr. Vijay Institute of Education and Technology

Dr. Virendra Swarup Memorial Trust Group of Institution

Dreams College of Polytechnic

DSR College of Polytechnic

Edify Institute of Polytechnic

Emerald Institute of Management and Technology

Eshan College of Engineering

Feroze Gandhi Polytechnic

FIT Engineering College

Focus Institute of Engineering & Management

Future Institute of Engineering & Technology

Gajraj Singh Polytechnic

Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology

Gandhi Polytechnic

Gayatri College of Engineering & Technology

Gayatri Devi Institute of Management & Technology

GCRG College of Polytechnic

Goel Institute of Technology & Management

Gokaran Narvadeshwar Institute of Technology and Management

Government Girls Polytechnic, Allahabad

Government Girls Polytechnic, Amethi

Government Girls Polytechnic, Arnia

Government Girls Polytechnic, Bareilly

Government Girls Polytechnic, Gorakhpur

Government Girls Polytechnic, Jhansi

Government Girls Polytechnic, Lucknow

Government Girls Polytechnic, Mahoba

Government Girls Polytechnic, Meja

Government Girls Polytechnic, Moradabad

Government Girls Polytechnic, Risia, Nanpara, Bahraich

Government Girls Polytechnic, Shahjahanpur

Government Girls Polytechnic, Shamli

Government Girls Polytechnic, Varanasi

Government Govind Ballabh Pant Polytechnic, Lucknow

Government Leather Institute, Agra

Government Leather Institute, Kanpur

Government Polytechnic

Government Polytechnic, Agra

Government Polytechnic, Alapur

Government Polytechnic, Aliya, Sitapur

Government Polytechnic, Aurai

Government Polytechnic, Bahraich

Government Polytechnic, Baijpur, Bhiti, Ambedkarnagar

Government Polytechnic, Ballia

Government Polytechnic, Banda

Government Polytechnic, Barabanki

Government Polytechnic, Bareilly

Government Polytechnic, Basti

Government Polytechnic, Beeghaur, Unnao

Government Polytechnic, Bhaurahi Chunar Mirzapur

Government Polytechnic, Bhilihili, Azamgarh

Government Polytechnic, Bhogaon

Government Polytechnic, Bijnor

Government Polytechnic, Bindki, Fatehpur

Government Polytechnic, Budaun

Government Polytechnic, Chandausi

Government Polytechnic, Chandpur

Government Polytechnic, Chariyaon Bujurg, Deoria

Government Polytechnic, Chhabilhakhor Sadar, Basti

Government Polytechnic, Chitrakoot

Government Polytechnic, Chopan, Sonebhadra

Government Polytechnic, Debai, Bulandshahr

Government Polytechnic, Deeh

Government Polytechnic, Deoria

Government Polytechnic, Etah

Government Polytechnic, Etawah

Government Polytechnic, Faizabad

Government Polytechnic, Farrukhabad

Government Polytechnic, Fatehpur

Government Polytechnic, Firozabad

Government Polytechnic, Ghatampur

Government Polytechnic, Ghaziabad

Government Polytechnic, Ghazipur

Government Polytechnic, Gonda

Government Polytechnic, Gorakhpur

Government Polytechnic, Hamirpur

Government Polytechnic, Hardoi

Government Polytechnic, Hindalpur

Government Polytechnic, Jamunia, Deeh, Harakh, Barabanki

Government Polytechnic, Jaunpur

Government Polytechnic, Jegirsand

Government Polytechnic, Jhansi

Government Polytechnic, Kanpur

Government Polytechnic, Kirthal, Chaprauli, Bagphat

Government Polytechnic, Kotvan, Mathura

Government Polytechnic, Kursi Road, Barabanki

Government Polytechnic, Kutana Baraut

Government Polytechnic, Lakhimpur kheri

Government Polytechnic, Lalitpur

Government Polytechnic, Lucknow

Government Polytechnic, Madhogarh

Government Polytechnic, Mahoba

Government Polytechnic, Mainpuri

Government Polytechnic, Manikpur, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh

Government Polytechnic, Mau

Government Polytechnic, Mawana, Khurd, Meerut

Government Polytechnic, Mirzapur

Government Polytechnic, Mohammad Pur, Bahraich

Government Polytechnic, Mohammadi Kheri

Government Polytechnic, Moradabad

Government Polytechnic, Mujahana, Hata, Kushinagar

Government Polytechnic, Naraini

Government Polytechnic, Nikarika, Rajgarh, Mirzapur

Government Polytechnic, Orai

Government Polytechnic, Pilibhit

Government Polytechnic, Pratapgarh

Government Polytechnic, Premdhar, Pattiraniganj, Pratapgarh

Government Polytechnic, Puraina Sadar, Maharajganj

Government Polytechnic, Puranpur, Pilibhit

Government Polytechnic, Puwayan

Government Polytechnic, Rampur

Government Polytechnic, Roorkee, Baheri, Bareilly

Government Polytechnic, Saharanpur

Government Polytechnic, Sahaswan, Budaun

Government Polytechnic, Sant Kabir Nagar

Government Polytechnic, Sarsai Rath, Hamirpur

Government Polytechnic, Senduria, Sonebhadra

Government Polytechnic, Shahbad

Government Polytechnic, Shahjahanpur

Government Polytechnic, Sikandra

Government Polytechnic, Sonebhadra

Government Polytechnic, Soron

Government Polytechnic, Sultanpur

Government Polytechnic, Sutavali

Government Polytechnic, Talbehat, Lalitpur

Government Polytechnic, Tarabganj

Government Polytechnic, Tundla

Government Polytechnic, Unnao

Government Polytechnic, Varanasi

Greater Noida Polytechnic College

Gyan Bharti Institute Of Technology

H.R Institute of Engineering and Technology

Handia Polytechnic Handia, Allahabad

Hanswahini Institute of Science & Technology

Hardayal Technical Campus

Hariram Satyanaraian Institute of Higher and Technical Education

Hastinapur Institute of Technology & Management

Heera Lal Yadav Institute of Technology and Management

Heritage Technical College

Hewett Polytechnic

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Management

HMFA Memorial Institute of Engineering & Tech

IAMR College Of Engineering

Ideal Institute of Management and Technology

IIMT College of Polytechnic

IIMT College of Technology

IIMT Institute of Engineering and Technology

IMS College of Engineering

IMS College of Polytechnic

IMS Polytechnic

Inderprastha Institute Of Management And Technology Bulandshahar

Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Varanasi

Indo Universal College of Management & Technology

Indra Mohan Chauhan Memorial Polytechnic

Indraprastha Institute of Management & Technology

Indraprastha Institute of Technology

Indu Prakash Polytechnic College

Indus Institute of Technology & Management

Infinity Institute of Management & Technology

Infinity Institute of Technology

Ingraham Polytechnic

Institute of Engineering & Rural Technology, Allahabad

Institute of Technology & Management, Aligarh

Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow

Institute of Technology & Management, Meerut

Institute of Technology and Management, Chehri

Institute of Tool Room Training, Lucknow

International College of Engineering

Ishwarchand Vidya Sagar Institute of Technology

ITM College Of Polytechnic

ITM Polytechnic

IVS Polytechnic

J.M.S Group of Institutions

J.P Institute of Engineering & Technology

J.P Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

J.P Institute Of Technology & Management

J.R Polytechnic

J.S Institute of Management and Technology, Shikohabad

Jahangirabad Institute Of Technology For Polytechnic

Janhit Institute of Technology

Janta College Of Polytechnic

Janta Polytechnic, Jahangirabad

Jaswant Singh Bhadauria Institute of Technology

Jawahar Lal Nehru Polytechnic

JD Institute of Engineering and Technology

Jhunjhunwala PG College Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Jindal Institute of Polytechnic

K.I.P.M College of Engineering & Technology

K.L Polytechnic

K.L.S Institute of Engineering & Technology

K.L.S Polytechnic College

K.M Mayawati Government Girls Polytechnic

K.P Engineering College

K.S Institute of Management & Technology

K.S Jain Institute of Engineering & Technology

Kali Charan Nigam Institute of Technology

Kamal Institute of Technology

Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical & Social Sciences, Faridipur Campus

Kanchan Polytechnic

Kashi Nath Institute of Technology

Kashinath Institute Of Polytechnic

Keshav Polytechnic

KET Polytechnic Institute

KITE Group of Institutions

Krishna Institute Of Polytechnic

Kunal Professional Education Academy

L.T.R Institute of Technology

Lakhmiri Institute Of Engineering & Technology

Lakshya Technical Campus

Lal Bahadur Shastri Polytechnic

Lalsa Institute Of Engineering & Rural Technology

Lalta Prasad Singh Institute Of Technology

Landmark Technical Campus

LDC Institute of Technical Studies

Little Flower Polytechnic

Lucknow Institute of Technology, Lucknow

Lucknow Polytechnic, Lucknow

M.G Institute of Management & Technology

M.G Polytechnic

M.G Polytechnic, Hathras

M.I.M.T Polytechnic

M.S.D Polytechnic College

Maa Bhagauta Kunwar Institute Of Polytechnic

Maa Bhagwati Educational Institute

Maa Buddha National Institute of Engineering & Technology

Maa Sharda Institute of Technology

Maa Vaishno Maa Sharda Polytechnic

Maha Manav Gautam Buddha Polytechnic

Mahakrnik Tathagat Gautam Budha Government Polytechnic, Siddharth Nagar

Mahalwar Institute of Technology

Mahamaya Government Polytechnic of Information Technology, Gorakhpur

Mahamaya IT Polytechnic, Kannauj

Mahamaya IT Polytechnic, Kushinagar

Mahamaya IT Polytechnic, Maharajganj

Mahamaya Polytechnic For Information Technology, Aligarh

Mahamaya Polytechnic For Information Technology, Kashiramnagar

Mahamaya Polytechnic of Information Technology

Mahamaya Polytechnic of Information Technology, Chandauli

Mahamaya Polytechnic of Information Technology, J.P.Nagar

Mahamaya Polytechnic Of Information Technology, Lengadi Goolar, Sravasti

Mahamaya Polytechnic of Information Technology, Salempur

Mahamaya Polytechnic Of Information Technology, Shamli

Maharaja Agarsain Institute of Technology

Maharaja Agrasen College of Engineering & Technology

Maharaja Agrasen Polytechnic College

Maharana Pratap Polytechnic, Gorakhpur

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Government Polytechnic, Kaushambi

Mahaveer Institute of Technology, Allahabad

Mahaveer Institute of Technology, Pohalli

Manyavar Kashi Ram Government Polytechnic, Kannauj

Manyawar Kanshiram Dasairam Polytechnic, Mirzapur

Marathwada Institute of Technology (MIT)

Mass College of Engineering & Management

Meerut International Institute of Technology

MGA Institute Of Polytechnic

Millennium Institute of Technology

MMIT Sant Kabir Nagar

MMIT, Auraiya

MMIT, Kanpur Dehat

MMIT, Siddharathnagar

Modern College

Modinagar Institute of Technology

Moradabad Polytechnic Institute

MP School of Engineering

Mukdam Bihari Lal College of Technology and Management

Nandini Nagar Technical Campus

Naraina College of Engineering & Technology

Naraina Polytechnic Institute

Naraina Vidya Peeth Engineering & Management Institute

National Sugar Institute, Kanpur Nagar

Neelam College of Engineering & Technology

Neelkanth College of Engineering

Neelkanth Institute of Engineering & Technology

New Era College of Science & Technology, Ghaziabad

Nikhil Institute of Engineering & Management

Nirmala Devi Polytechnic College

North India Institute of Technology

Northern Regional Institute of Printing Technology, Allahabad

Om Sai Institute of Technology and Science

P.C.P.S College of Technology & Management

P.K Institute of Technology & Management

P.K Polytechnic

P.M.V Polytechnic, Mathura

Panchwati Institute of Polytechnic

Prabhat Engineering College

Prasad Polytechnic, Jaunpur

Prasad Polytechnic, Lucknow

Prayag Institute of Technology and Management

Prem Prakash Gupta Institute of Engineering

Prince Institute of Innovative Technology, Greater Noida

Pt. Ram Adhar J. Tiwari College of Polytechnic

R.D Foundation Group of Institutions

R.G.M Institute of Technology and Management

R.K Polytechnic

R.N Polytechnic College

R.R Institute Of Modern Polytechnic

R.S.S College of Technology & Management, Baldeo

R.V Institute of Technology

Radha Govind Institute of Technology & Management

Radha Govind Polytechnic College

Radha Krishan Polytechnic College

Radha Vallabh Institute Of Technology

Raj Polytechnic

Raja Balwant Singh Polytechnic, Agra

Rajiv Memorial Institute of Education & Technology

Rajshree Institute of Management & Technology

Rakshpal Bahadur College of Engineering & Technology, Bareilly

Ram Singh College of Engineering & Technology

Rameesh Institute of Engineering and Technology

Rameshwaram Institute of Technology & Management

RB Gautam Polytechnic

Rishi Institute of Engineering and Technology

Rishi Ramnaresh Technical Institute

RK Polytechnic College

RN Polytechnic College

Roorkee Engineering & Management Technology Institute

RR Polytechnic

Rudra Polytechnic

S.D College of Engineering & Tech

S.D Polytechnic

S.K Institute of Technology and Management

S.P Memorial Institute Technology

S.R Group of Institutions

S.V.M Technical Institute

Sachdeva Polytechnic

Sagar Institute of Technology & Management

Sai Meer College of Polytechnic

Sai Nath College

Sambhal College of Engineering & Management

Sams Institute of Hotel Management

Sanjay Gandhi Polytechnic

Sanjay Institute of Engineering & Management

Sanjay Institute of Technology & Management

Sanskar College of Engineering and Technology

Sanskriti Institute of Polytechnic

Sanskriti School of Polytechnic

Sant Ravidas Government Polytechnic, Chakiya Chandauli

Saraswati Higher Education and Technical College of Engineering

Saraswati Institute of Engineering & Technology

Saroj College of Engineering and Polytechnic

Saroj Institute of Management and Technology

Saroj Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow

Satyadev Institute of Technology

Satyam College of Engineering

Savita Devi Institute of Technology

Savitri Bai Phule Government Girls Polytechnic

Savitribai Phule Government Polytechnic

School of Management Sciences, Lucknow

Seth Ganga Sagar Jatia Polytechnic

Seth Jaiprakash Mukandlal Polytechnic

Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Engineering & Technology

Sevdie Institute of Management & Technology

Shaheed Virendra Singh Sirohi Institute of Technology

Shamli Institute of Engineering & Technology

Shanti Institute of Technology Diploma in Engineering

Shanti Niketan Group of Institutions

Shanti Polytechnic

Sherwood College of Engineering Research & Technology

Shiva Polytechnic Institute & Management College

Shivaji Institute of Technology and Management

Shivalik Institute of Management and Technology

Shivam Institute of Science and Technology

Shivam Technical Campus

Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology & Management

Shree Balaji Polytechnic College

Shree Bankey Bihari Institute of Technology

Shree Bhagwat Institute of Technology

Shree Krishna College of Engineering

Shree Sai College of Education of Technology

Shri Babu Singh Krishna Devi Polytechnic College

Shri Girraj Maharaj Polytechnic College

Shri Gopichand College of Pharmacy

Shri Jeet Ram Smarak Institute of Engineering & Technology

Shri Jeet Ram Smarak Institute of Polytechnic

Shri Kashi Chandra Dev Yadav Pravidhik Shikshan Sansthan

Shri Krishna College of Engineering

Shri Moti Smriti Institute of Technology

Shri Ram Group of Colleges

Shri Ram Polytechnic

Shri Ramdevi Ramdayal Tripathi Mahila Polytechnic, Kanpur

Shri Sahdev Paudhariya Polytechnic College

Shri Siddhi Vinayak Polytechnic

Shri Tridandideo Hanumat Technical College

Shri Vishwanath College of Polytechnic

Shrinathji Institute for Technical Education

Shriram Institute of Technology, Meerut

Sitapur Shiksha Sansthan Group of Institutions

Sky Institute of Management and Technology

Smt. Fulehra Smarak College of Polytechnic

Smt. Ram Dulari College of Technology & Management

Society of Advanced Management Studies, Institute of Technology

Sri Anar Devi Khandelwal Mahila Polytechnic, Mathura

Stallion College for Engineering & Technology, Meerpur

Stallion College for Engineering and Technology, Rasoolpur

Subharti Polytechnic College

Sunrise Institute of Engineering Technology & Management

Suresh Deep Polytechnic

Surya College of Technical Studies

Surya Polytechnic for Engineering & Technology

Suyash Institute of Information Technology

SVS Polytechnic, Meerut

Swami Kalyan Dev Polytechnic Institute

Swami Sahajanand Polytechnic

Swami Vivekanand Polytechnic

Tathagat Gautam Budh Government Polytechnic, Shravasti

Thakur Tej Bahadur Singh Institute Of Technology

Tirupati Polytechnic College

Town Polytechnic, Ballia

Translam Institute of Technology and Management

Trident ET Group of Institutions

Trirupati College of Engineering

U.P College of Polytechnic for Research

Umrao Technological Institute

Unitech Institute of Engineering and Technology

University Polytechnic

University Polytechnic, Aligarh Muslim University

Unnati Management College and Technology

Urmila College of Technology & Management

Veer Kunwar Institute of Technology, Bijnor

Venkateshwara College of Engineering

Venkateshwara Institute of Technology

Vidya College of Engineering

VIIT Polytechnic College

Vijay Pratap Institute of Technology

Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology

Vindhya Polytechnic College of Engineering & Technology

Vishveshwarya Institute Of Polytechnic

Vision Institute of Technology, Aligarh

Vision Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Vivekanand Institute of Technology & Science

Vivekananda College Of Polytechnic

Vivekananda College of Technology & Management, Aligarh

WTM College of Polytechnic

Yaduvansh Prasad Mishra Institute of Professional Studies